Pichi Sermolli, Rodolfo Emilio Giuseppe (1912-2005)

Standard Form
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Alternative Abbreviations
Pichi-Serm. From Meikle
Pic.-Ser. From TL2
Alternative Names
Pichi-Sermolli, Rodolfo Emilio Giuseppe
Area of Interest
Pteridophytes, Mycology, Spermatophytes
Information Source
R.E.G.Pichi Sermolli 20 June 1991. Date of death from C.Jarvis. Obit. in Bol. Soc. Argent Bot., 41(1-2): 152 (2006) and Inform. Bot. Ital., 39, supp. 1: 241-244 (2007), incl. portr. and bibliogr. of work since 1994.
Example of Name Published
Aleuritopteris afra Pic.Serm. in Webbia, 27: 415. (1972 publ. 1973)