Nieuwland, Julius (Aloysius) Arthur (1878-1936)

Standard Form
IPNI Identifier
Alternative Abbreviations
Nieuwl. From TL2
Nieuwl. From Meikle
Area of Interest
Pteridophytes, Bryophytes, Mycology, Spermatophytes
Information Source
CMI, Missouri Bryological list from R.E.G.Pichi Sermolli 1 March 1991. Biogr. info. in Amer. Midl. Nat., 161(2): 178-188 (2009), incl. portr.
Example of Name Published
Rulac californica Nieuwl. in Amer. Midl. Naturalist 2: 139. (1911)
'Aloysius' was the name taken when confirmed into the Catholic Church, see Barnhart, Biogr. Notes upon Botanists (1965).
Belgium, United States