Muhlenberg, Gotthilf Henry Ernest (1753-1815)

Standard Form
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Alternative Abbreviations
Muhlenb. From Meikle
Muhl. From TL2
Alternative Names
Mühlenberg, Gotthilf Heinrich Ernest, Muehlenberg, Gotthilf Heinrich Ernest, Mühlenberg, Heinrich Ludwig
Area of Interest
Mycology, Pteridophytes, Spermatophytes
Information Source
CMI; from R.E.G.Pichi Sermolli 1 March 1991. Harshberger, Botanists of Philadelphia: 92-97 (1899).
For proof that Heinrich Ludwig is the same person see Kew Bull., Addit. ser., 3: 441 (1899) and Hortus Third: 1200 (1976). Descr. Gram. was published after his death in 1817.
United States