Malagarriga, Ramón Peñafort (1904-1990)

Standard Form
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Alternative Abbreviations
Malagarr. From Meikle
Alternative Names
Malagarriga Heras, Ramón de Peñafort
Teodoro, Luis
Malagarriga, Teodoro
Heras, Ramón de Peñafort Malagarriga
Area of Interest
Information Source
B.Valdes 2 Jan 1991. Confirmation that Irmao (Brother) Teodoro Luis and R.P. Malagarriga are the same person was obtained from Javier Fuertes, Real Jardin, Madrid via Lulu Rico 7 March 1997. Teodoro Luis is the name Malagarriga was know by as a brother in a religious order.
Example of Name Published
Rumex scutatus subsp. induratus (Boiss. & Reut.) Malagarriga, Las Subesp. y Variac. Geogr.: 5 (1973). Pseudobaccharis polycephala Teodoro in Contrib. Inst. Geobiol. Canoas, 8: 23 (1957). See also Fl. Anilitica de Barcelona (1965).