Phan, Kê Lôc (1935-)

Standard Form
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Alternative Abbreviations
P.K.Lôc From various
K.L.Phan From Tropicos
Alternative Names
Lôc, Phan Kê
Area of Interest
Information Source
IK db. Index Herb., ed. 8: 292 (1990). See also J.E. Vidal, Bibliographie botanique Indochinoise, 1986-1993 (1994).
Example of Name Published
Aganope balansae (Gagnep.) P.K. Loc in J. Biol. (Vietnam), 16(1): 12 (1994).
Name Notes
Shiyong Dong (July 2021) confirmed K.L.Phan and P.K.Lôc are the same person, Phan is his surname and Kê Lôc is his given name. The author has published names using both L.K.Phan and P.K.Lôc; Tropicos has also used K.L.Phan for a subset of his names. Given the potential for confusion, the author was contacted and requested L.K.Phan, which has been adopted by IPNI.