Chu, You Chang (1924-)

Standard Form
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Alternative Names
Zhu, You Chang
Area of Interest
Information Source
IK db. Date from Index Herb. Sin.: 233 (1993). Bibliography of Chinese Tax. Bot. uses the transliteration 'Chu, You Chang' and Index Herb. Sin. uses the transliteration 'Zhu, You Chang' on p. 424.
Example of Name Published
Weigela florida var. praecox (Lemoine) Y.C. Chu in Nat. Resources Res., 1979(2): 2 (1979). Bupleurum bicaule var. latifolium Y.C. Chu in Fl. Pl. Herb. Chin. Bor. Or., 6: 293, 195 (1977).