Agababjan, Mariam V. (1964-)

Standard Form
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Alternative Names
Aghababian, M.V.
Agababian, M.V.
Agababyan, M.V.
Aghababyan, M.V.
Area of Interest
Information Source
from D.V.Geltman 1990. Alternative transliteration from Oudejans in letter of 14 March 1997. Alternative transliteration from Willdenowia 35(2): 229 (2005).
Example of Name Published
Centaurea subsect. Orientalis M.V. Agababyan in Fl. Rast. Rast. Res. Armenii (Sborn. Nauch. Trud. 13): 74 (1991), without type.