Gaertner, Gottfried (1754-1825)

Standard Form
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Alternative Abbreviations
P.Gaertner From Meikle
P.Gaertn. From TL2
Alternative Names
Gaertner, Philipp Gottfried
Area of Interest
Spermatophytes, Mycology, Bryophytes
Information Source
Abbreviation G.Gaertn. used because of information from S. Dressler that he was known as Gottfried Gaertner during his lifetime. According to a Walloonian custom the name Philipp, his father's name, was added after death. Another possible explanation is from Dr K.P. Buttler who points out that the death notice in Flora, 1826(1): 32 states: "...starb zu Hanau Hr. Dr. Phil. Gottfried Gartner." where 'Phil.' may have been interpreted as Philipp.
Example of Name Published
Bifolium G. Gaertn., B. Mey. & Scherb., Oekon. Fl. Wetterau, 1: 175 (1799).