Andrews, Henry C. (c. 1759-1835)

Standard Form
IPNI Life Sciences Identifier (LSID)
Alternative Abbreviations
Andrews From Meikle
Andr. From TL2
Alternative Names
Andrews, Henry Charles
Andrews, Henry Cranke
Area of Interest
Information Source
Dates given in: E.C. Nelson, Notes and Queries 64(1): 95–97. 2017 ( (via Lotte Burkhardt; B)]
Example of Name Published
Paeonia daurica Andrews in Bot. Repos. 7: t. 486. 1807.
Dates as 1770-1830 in: The Stuttgart Database of Scientific Illustrators 1450–1950 (
Name Notes
'Henry Charles Andrews' widely used since 1961 but ' Andrews is not known ever to have divulged his second name in print, so the interpretation of the initial C has remained open to doubt' (E.C.Nelson in Notes & Queries 64(1): 95-97. 2017.)
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