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Title variants

The searching and batch editing of IPNI citations can be affected by the existence of a number of variant forms of a particular publication title. These variations are the result of scanning errors, typographical errors, and differences in the way the titles were abbreviated in Index Kewensis in the years before the standards we follow today came into existence.

To overcome this problem we have developed a method of ‘uniquing’ titles to reduce the number of variants by grouping like-titles together under one of the variations until the collations can be processed and we can determine what the correct title should be.

‘Uniquing’ acts as an intermediate stage in the standardisation process which enables the editors to extract publication datasets easily for further editing, and we hope is also helpful to IPNI users in deciphering sometimes cryptic data.

An example of a particular set of title variants formerly in the database:

edde, Repert.
Fecde, Repert.
Fedd.e, Repert.
Feddcs Repert.,
Fedde Repert.
Fedde, Repert.
Fedde, Repert. Anhang,
Fedde, Repert. Nov. S.p.
Fedde, Repert. Nov. SP.
Fedde, Repert. Nov. Sp.
Fedde. Repert
Fedde. Repert.
Feddes Repert.
Feddes Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg.
feddes Repert.,
Feddo, Repert. Nov. Sp.
Fedele, Repert.
Fedide, Repert.
Feede, Repert.
Frdde, Repert.
l.in Fedde, Repert. Nov. Sp.
Pedde, Repert.
Repert. Nov. Sp.
Repert. Sp. Nov. Regn. Veg.
Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg.

Please note that publication titles in the results of drilldowns on plant name searches which don’t have a hyperlink to the publications database have not yet been standardised.

See how the uniquing process is progressing.

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