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Subscription Mechanism

We realise that not everyone has free and uninterrupted access to the internet. We are also conscious that many users will be interested only in a rather small subset of the data e.g. new names for taxa from a particular geographical area or a particular genus of interest. With these users in mind we are planning a subscription mechanism. By this we mean a delivery option whereby the user expresses an interest in a particular subset of the data which is downloaded and stored locally where it is easily and continuously accessible. Thereafter, whenever the user logs in to IPNI they can obtain an update to the dataset which they downloaded, summarising any changes (additions or corrections) made to records in their subset/area of interest since they last contacted IPNI. The term subscription is not intended to imply any charge to the user. Development of this subscription mechanism is scheduled to begin in early 2000, using XML (Extensible Markup Language)to deliver the user-defined updates. If you think the subscription mechanism could be the delivery option most appropriate for you please contact us.


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