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Glossary of terms, taken from ICBN (2006), except for nom. inval., which is not defined in the Glossary. A modified version of the definition of a validly published name is used here.

nom. inval. (nomen invalidum)

A name not validly published according to Art. 29-45 or H.9 (Art. 6.2).

nom. illeg. (nomen illegitimum)

A validly published name that is not in accordance with one or more rules (Art. 6.4), principally those on superfluity (Art. 52) and homonymy (Art. 53 and 54).

nom. cons. (nomen conservandum)

(1) A name of a family, genus or species [or infraspecies] ruled as legitimate and with precedence over other specified names even though it may have been illegitimate when published or lack priority (Art. 14.1-14.7).

(2) A name for which its type, orthography, or gender has been fixed by the conservation process (Art. 14.1, 14.9-14.11).

nom. rej. (nomen rejiciendum)

A name rejected in favour of a name conserved under Art. 14 or a name ruled as rejected under Art. 56 (App. II, III, IV, and V).



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