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Downloading a subset of the data

IPNI is designed to allow users to download a subset of the data of interest to them. A single no-frills download option is available now but the next phase of the project includes the development of report formats in response to user demand. To download a subset of the data using the facilities currently available, we recommend that you start by constructing your search and viewing the resulting data. Then return to the search screen and tick the 'save data to file' box before running the query again. Your internet browser will advise you that you have started to download a text file. Choose a name for the file and save it to your hard drive. You can then use a text editor to open the file and view or edit the data which you have downloaded.

The fields appear in the following order: IPNI ID no., name, author, publication, collation, year of publication.

The character encoding is Unicode (UTF-8). You will need an editor that reads UTF-8 in order to see diacritics.

We realise that this download facility will not meet the needs of all users and we look forward to receiving your input re download options which would meet your particular needs.

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