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Species Plantarum citations linked to page images in BHL

Names from Linnaeus' Species Plantarum (approx 8900 citations) are linked to page images in the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL).

COinS embedded in IPNI name citation detail pages

COinS stands for ContextObjects in Spans and is a way to embed citation metadata in HTML. This makes the citation metadata available for processing by bibliographic tools such as OpenURL resolvers (which link citations to full text copies of the publication) and citation managers (such as Zotero) which help maintain lists of bibliographic references.

COinS intermediary search bookmarklet

As not all IPNI citation data is fully standardised, we have built a bookmarklet which extracts citation data from the COinS (see above), and presents in a search form, allowing manual editing of the publication title (the percent character - % - can be used as a wildcard) and fragmentation of collation elements (volume / issue / page) to frame a query to an OpenURL resolver (eg BHL or ??? for more recent citations). To use, drag the link below to your FireFox toolbar: IPNI-COinS
Test it by loading an IPNI name detail page eg Loranthus lindenianus Walp. and clicking the bookmarklet ("IPNI-COinS"). You can then modify the publication title from IPNI's "Annales Botanices Systematicae. Lipsiae" to the more loose "Annales Botanices Systematicae%" and add the volume (1) from the IPNI collation (the collation is shown at the top of the search form for easy reference). This should allow you to do a BHL search and to get to the correct page.

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