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We know that not everyone will want to use the IPNI by going through our web site to search for names, or even to use our software to make contributions. We will be publishing an Application Programming Interface (API) for our software that will allow other programs to link in to our data via RMI. This means that any Java program could be written to incorporate IPNI as a name server.

For example, there will be methods to check whether a name exists in IPNI, to find the author or authors of that name, its place and time of publication, and any information about the cited type. This could be used as part of the data entry checking in a catalogue, or if your internet connection is slow, it might be possible to do a batch check of names which could be run off line.

We just don't know all the uses to which IPNI might be put once it is fully on line. So we are hoping you will tell us. If you think you have a project which could use IPNI and want to know more, or if you think we can help you, then let us know.

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